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It's all happening at the Middle pub! With lots of weekly events to keep everyone entertained. 
Between 5:30- 6:30pm
Happy Hour
We believe that happy hour should not be limited to just one hour, so please join us daily for two hours of $4.00 middy's and $8.00 pints.

Daily from 4:30- 6:30pm

Between 4:30- 8:30pm
Catch the Joker

Every Friday night you have the chance to win the prize money, which increases by $50 a week. With every drinks purchase you will receive a raffle ticket, if your number is drawn you have to choose a card you wish to turn over- hopefully it will reveal the joker! 


Every Friday 4:30-8:30pm 

Pool Competition

What better way to enjoy your Sunday than with a pool comp, $10 entry fee and winner takes all. 


Every Sunday from 4:30pm

Trivial Pursuit and Meat Raffle 

Who doesn't love a free drink?! If you are the quickest to answer Kiwi's Trivial Pursuit questions than your next drink is free! Also, daily meat raffle tickets are sold behind the bar and drawn every Sunday at the pool comp- $2.00 a ticket or 3 for $5.00.



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